Bridal Styling - What you need to know


Your wedding dress may be the most important piece of clothing that you will ever wear; nonetheless, to achieve the perfect finish you will no doubt choose some carefully selected accessories. At Willoughby & Wolf, we simply ADORE headpieces and jewellery and gorgeous shoes and love nothing more than helping you to complete your look.

There is an abundance of different accessories available to buy today, from buying online to having a styling appointment where you can try accessories on with your dress. So, if you’re wondering what you need to know about bridal accessories, read on…

The first and most important thing to know is that the perfect combination of accessories not only flatters your dress but are also what suits you. Accessories give you the chance to create your own individual look, whether it with a bold statement head piece or a pair of classic pearl earrings. The choice is yours, and whatever that is, we can help you achieve it.

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The first place to start is your feet, the right shoes are pretty important, and whilst we don’t stock shoes we thought that we should mention them. Some brides will dream of Choos and others Converse, but on your wedding day the most important thing is that they are comfortable. You don’t want to hobble around your reception or go on honeymoon with blisters. Your wedding shoes should be chosen with your head not just your heart. There are so many fabulous shoes around that vary hugely in price it really is down to personal style and budget.

Top Tip: Spend time practicing walking round the house in them to ensure that you can walk confidently in them, so that you don’t teeter down the aisle. We recommend that you wear your shoes around the house with some socks to break them in, and if you are having a first dance, wear them to practice in as this will give you some extra practice at walking and dancing in them.


So now we have covered shoes, lets talk about veils and belts. The simplest of wedding dresses can be completely transformed with the addition of a veil or belt. We carry a small selection of bridal belts, which can be used to add sparkle or define waists, these are so versatile and can take a dress from ‘I like it a lot’ to ‘I’m saying yes to this dress’. We also offer a simple collection of UK handmade veils, we have one in every length as well as ribbon edge, lace edged and ones with sparkle. There is something truly magical when a bride to be puts on a veil for the first time and realises that she is getting married.

Hair Pins by Miss Clemmie

Hair Pins by Miss Clemmie

We then have carefully selected our accessories to suit all tastes and budgets. Our collections are all made in the UK and we are proud to support small businesses. Our range of accessories includes exquisite handcrafted artisan pieces by Miss Clemmie. Genuine heirloom pieces, you can begin your own tradition and pass these down from generation to generation. We also stock the extremely versatile Arianna Tiaras, a collection of gorgeous pieces that allows you to pick and choose your colour ways from the base metals through to the colour of pearls and crystals. We have tiaras, hair vines, head bands and hair clips all waiting for you. 

So where to start? Let’s talk about your wedding, what style are you going for, the time of year you are getting married, where are you getting married. How might you wear your hair and what is your wedding dress like.

We offer 45 minute styling appointments that are free, and you are welcome to bring your wedding dress in, even if you didn’t buy it from us. By answering these questions we will suggest things to try, and once you start-trying accessories on, you can see how they transform your look. The right combination of accessories for you can make a huge difference and you know its right if you feel fabulous and totally in love with your wedding day look.

Devon Dress by THEIA Couture

Devon Dress by THEIA Couture